Welcome to the Machine Quilting Business Blog

Welcome to the Machine Quilting Business Blog. No matter if you have been a professional machine quilter for a long time or just getting started on my professional machine quilting journey, I hope this blog helps you along your way.

Please feel free to stay for a while and leave comments, questions and suggestions below. Or, send your comments and questions directly to me at longarmu@aol.com

Cindy Roth
Longarm University

About Cindy Roth
Mother of 3, Grandmother of 10 and quilting forever!

4 Responses to Welcome to the Machine Quilting Business Blog

  1. Laurie T. says:

    This is very informative. I’m just getting going with my longarm that arrived in May. I quilted a queen recently I made for a wedding gift & didn’t really keep track too well of my time, but will from here on out. My goal is to quilt for profit once I retire in a few years, so I’m working on the basics right now. I’ll track this blog for pertinent info.

  2. Connie A. says:

    I don’t have much experience as I’ve not been quilting for others for very long and also don’t have many customers. (Hopefully that will change) I haven’t actually kept track of the time involved, but likely at least 20 hours for a queen size quilt with a lot of detail to it. My biggest time eater is trying to decide what designs would enhance each quilt. Since I don’t have a lot of people waiting on me, I can take the time treat each one as if it is the only one I will ever do. Hopefully with more experience It won’t take me so long to come up with appropriate quilting designs.

  3. Marilynn Gipson says:

    Over the years I’ve heard that same comments from several different sources, years later I learned on my own that they were wrong and I’ve learned that I was not “just slow”, but I quilted my clients quilts in a way that enhanced their piecing and when they got their quilts back they were happy and as a result I keep getting their quilts and their friends quilts. What more can you ask for . . .

  4. Carol Betts says:

    It takes me about 18 hours to load, stabilize, and quilt a queen size quilt.

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