Exciting News!!

I recently did a phone interview about Longarm University for The Quilter Magazine. The article they wrote from this interview is nearly two pages long and is now in the February/March 2012 issue. This issue is now starting to show up on the news stands and in stores. If you have a chance, please give this issue a look. Longarm U also made the front cover!

Here are some photos of the front cover of this magazine. (Click on the photos for a larger view)

A close up of the corner where Longarm University is shown.

About Cindy Roth
Mother of 3, Grandmother of 10 and quilting forever!

5 Responses to Exciting News!!

  1. Margaret says:

    Cindy, this is the way I found out about you and your Longarm University! Looking forward to getting my machine, and starting to practice. I have bookmarked your site, and look forward to taking some classes someday. Keep up the good work!

  2. Robin says:

    Hey Cyndy – this is great! Congratulations!

  3. Debbie Day says:

    Congratulation Cindy!! I need to get this magazine this month for sure.

  4. Jan Dahlke says:

    Cindy! This is very exciting! Congratulations!
    Now, if I can just get to the store before all your other readers, and I certainly hope the magazine is not yet sold out….!

  5. Michelle says:

    Woo hoo, looks good, I’ll have to get one.

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