Why We Do This

I belong to several online email groups and enjoy “hearing” what other quilters from around the world are doing. Last week, one group member wrote a very eloquent and poignant email to the group. I was truly touched by what she wrote. I contacted her, and with her permission, I am posting her email below.

Cindy’s note: If you do not belong to an online email group, I would highly recommend it. I belong to several YahooGroups, specifically the Gammill Users Group (the brand of my quilting machine)  and the Machine Quilting Professional (MQP) group. To join these groups go to www.YahooGroups.com and in the search box, type in the brand of your quilting machine, or the phrase “machine quilting.” From this list, choose the groups would like to join and follow the directions for joining each group. Soon you will be receiving emails from other quilters from all over the world!

Here is the email written by Sue Schaeffer owner, Ma’s Got’a Notion, Havana, IL –

Today I Was Blessed

Today I was given the honor of quilting a quilt that was pieced by a customer who passed away a few weeks ago.

I have quilted for her a number of times and I knew, like all of us, she had un-quilted tops stashed away waiting to be quilted one day. A friend of hers received this top from the husband of the deceased. Her friend decided to have it quilted and then she is donating it to a charity of her daughters, to be raffled.

I enjoyed thinking about her today as I quilted this top. I thought about conversations we had over the years, funny how things I remembered today about her would most likely have stayed buried in the deep chambers of my mind and maybe never thought of ever again had it not been for this quilt.

This quilt will bring comfort in many ways to other people in the years to come, but today it gave me more comfort than my deceased customer would have ever thought possible. Today I was calmed by knowing someone would enjoy her work, the tranquil thoughts that passed through my mind’s eye of snatches of past conversations with her brought a smile and even a giggle or two. No, we were not great friends, just acquaintance who shared the passion of patchwork.

I was also comforted in knowing that some of my unfinished work may one day be finished by an acquaintance or even someone whom I considered a friend. I just hope they will remember me as fondly as I remembered this lady today and that even when I am gone…..my quilts will talk to someone like this quilt did to me today.

Our passion for quilting really is our legacy to be shared by those who are lucky enough to understand all the love and hard work that goes into the cutting up and piecing back together each section of cloth.

Yes today…I was blessed.

Sue Schaeffer owner
Ma’s Got’a Notion
305 W. Main St (Quilt Shop)
Gammill Longarm Rental
Havana, IL.62644
web site: http://www.masgotanotion.com/
Facebook Page

What more can anyone say! Feel free to contact Sue at the contacts above and please post a comment to this blog.

About Cindy Roth
Mother of 3, Grandmother of 10 and quilting forever!

3 Responses to Why We Do This

  1. Fran Foskey says:

    Hi Cindy: I have done business with Sue when she first opened her business, she ordered a few BBD patterns from me. I get her newsletter every so often.

    What a wonderful and eloquent way to describe her talent in finishing this quilt. I too have designed and quilted a quilt made out of deceased mothers and fathers clothing. It is such an honor to do this for the customer and the look on their faces when they receive it is so touching.

    I am now in the process of making four lap quilts for a gentlemen from my church out of his recently deceased wives clothing. Three will be give to the children for Christmas and one will be made for him out of his favorite clothing pieces. I too will be praying for him and the family when they receive these lap quilts. What a way to honor the deceased and treasure her memory.

  2. Linda Chanik says:

    Thanks for posting this. I had similar feelings when I had the opportunity to quilt a top for a guild member who had passed away. Even though I did not know her it was amazing to be part of the project. Sue’s message is a testament to the special way our craft connects all of us quilters.
    Several of her tops were finished and presented to her surviving husband and sons.

  3. I missed her posting about this. Thanks for sharing it with us. It brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my lips.

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