Machine Quilting Business Blog Update

I started this blog to talk about issues, problems and the joys of having a machine quilting business. I have tried to post on a fairly regular basis, but, the last few weeks have been a challenge. I don’t like talking too much about myself, but I would like to tell you what has been going on in my life lately.

For the past few years I have had bad arthritis in my hips. No one can say for sure how I got the arthritis (no one in my family has had arthritis like this in the past.) Before beginning my machine quilting career, I drove a school bus for nearly 20 years and had many, many years of individual endurance sports (power walking, marathons, triathlons and long distance biking.) With all that wear and tear on the hip joints, something had to give! The pain in my right hip was awful and finally, 8 weeks ago, I had hip replacement surgery.

I am SO thankful for modern medical science and the wonderful Doctors and hospitals that make this type of surgery possible. The good news is that my surgery was a huge success and my right hip is now pain-free and I am almost back to all my normal activities.  For nearly six weeks after my surgery I sayed with my daughter and her family and they took excellent care of me. I am so blessed to have wonderful children who have helped me during this time.

Most importantly, I am able to stand and quilt without pain! I have already quilted some quilts for American Hero Quilts (they make quilts for wounded service members – To view their blog Click Here) and I am starting on some new quilting projects of my own.

After my surgery, I realized how much chronic pain I was in due to my arthritis.  Now that the arthritis pain is gone, I been working on some new templates, new  pantograph patterns, a new video class and other quilting related projects. There is so much to be done and I am loving every bit of doing it!

Now that I am back to nearly normal I am hoping to post more regularly to this blog. If you have any business questions problems or solutions, please post a comment or send me an email at

Note: I will be posting more about my recovery from my surgery and my first few weeks at home at my personal blog

About Cindy Roth
Mother of 3, Grandmother of 10 and quilting forever!

5 Responses to Machine Quilting Business Blog Update

  1. It is such a hard decision to make for replacement surgery. We are so blessed today by the marvels of modern medicine. So glad that you are on the mend. I know the key to my Dad’s recovery after both knees were replaced (not at the same time) was the rehab and exercises he continued doing many months after the surgery to keep the muscles limber. He is nearly 94 now and still walking great and without pain over ten years after his last knee was replaced.

  2. Fran Foskey says:

    Cindy: You are an inspiration. I am so glad you are doing well and recovering. I have always loved your site and still to this day I go to it check out anything you may have added. When I was a new longarmer I stayed on your site and just ate it up. The world is a better place when there are people out there that share their knowledge and without paying a high price. Thank you and keep up all the wonderful work you do. Blessings to your family for taking such good care of you during your recovery. I hope my children would do the same for me if I needed them.

  3. Dar in MO says:

    Sorry to hear about your hip surgery, but I’m glad everything is working now without the pain. I’m experiencing some pain in my shoulder and fear what might be causing it. I’m not as eager to subject myself to hospitals and doctors as you, but it may come to that if it doesn’t improve. Glad you are back to your fun and creativeness.

  4. Faith says:

    You are an inspiration. I have a bad knee and need to have it replaced. I will have to take your positive expierence and rethink my knee!

    • Cindy Roth says:

      I can’t begin to tell you how GOOD I feel after my surgery. Yes, I was sore and had pain from the surgery, but the pain from the arthritis was GONE – even as I woke up from the anesthetic. I can’t tell you what to do, but, getting my hip replaced was the best thing for me. Other people I have talked to with joint replacments (hips, knees, etc.) have all had great things to say about it.

      Cindy Roth

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