The Profit

I hate to admit it –  I like reality TV shows. Not the “Housewifes” style of show, but reality shows where you can LEARN something, especially if it has to do with business!

I have recently found the series called The Profit on CNBC. This is a show where a multi-million $$$ business person, Marcus, goes into a struggling business, invests his own money in the business, and totally turns around the business. Of course, there are dysfunctional employees, clueless business owners, people who don’t want to change things, and all the other “stuff” associated with reality TV shows.

What I DO like about this show is that they show “the numbers.” They get into the nitty-gritty of how much things cost, not just cost of the product but also how much it costs to keep the business running, etc. To me, this is what makes this program different. In one episode, they even bring in a Forensic Accountant (CPA) to look over some very interesting bookkeeping. I never knew such a thing existed!

Even though you are running a small (compared to the program) business, I do believe that you will see some parallels between the businesses shown and your business.

(In episode 2, the florist, when they do a cost analysis of a bouquet of flowers, that was a real eye opener for me!)

If you have some time, please watch the show. If you have watched past episodes (it was new this summer) let me know your thoughts. You may be able to catch some episodes on CNBC on cable or you can watch full episodes online at

Post a comment about what you found in this series that “connects” with you about your machine quilting business.

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