Starting a Blog

In today’s world, any business, including a machine quilting business, needs a web presence – and starting a blog will do this for you.

Starting a blog is relatively easy – much easier than starting a website – and, in my opinion, easy to maintain and easy to post information and photos.

But starting a blog can be an overwhelming process. I have found a FREE e-book “How to Start a Blog.” And it really is FREE! You can download this e-book (pdf file) at

I have looked at this book and it gives you good information to start your blogging journey. It is NOT a “how to” manual but more of a general overview of the process. The organization that is giving this information to you is a web hosting / blog starting company, but they are not “in your face” about this.

I haven’t used their services so I’m not endorsing them, but from what I have seen, I am impressed with what I am seeing.

I would recommend downloading this FREE e-book, looking at the information, learning from it, and then decide if you want to join the blogging world.

Here is a tip for you – search engines don’t search social media. If you only post/advertise on FaceBook, Google, Bing, etc., will not find you or your services. If you have a blog – even just a free blog – tag your posts with quilt names, quilting design names, pattern and quilting designer names, and anything that will identify what you are blogging about. Then when someone does an online search for that particular tag, your blog post will show up.

Example: Do a Google search using the phrase “cable wreath quilt design.” Click on images and scroll over the photos. Look at the bottom of each photo and most of the photos will have my personal blog address – – the Longarm University website address – – or my machine quilting website – on them. You can click on the photos, then click on the “Visit Page” button. My photos are showing up in this search because of the way I have “tagged” them.

When you have your blog up and running, let me know, I like to follow other machine quilting business blogs.

About Cindy Roth
Mother of 3, Grandmother of 10 and quilting forever!

5 Responses to Starting a Blog

  1. Ida Houston says:

    Hi Cindy! You are welcome to visit my blog at It’s actually a website now, because I am going to be adding a shopping cart to it, but I do have a blog – check the tabs at the top of the page. I also have a YouTube channel with tutorials and also videos of my pets (for my kids to see), a Twitter account and a Facebook page with over 600 followers.

  2. Leeanne says:

    Hi Cindy, I have had a blog for several years now and it is worth it’s weight in gold! Last year I started using FB as well, I have some of the same people that follow my blog as well different people. The more you get your business name out there the better! I have customers from around New Zealand posting me their quilts.

  3. First time I’m writing I’ve subscribed to your newsletters for several years great information. Thank you Nancy

  4. John Berge says:

    Great ideas. Never thought a blog might be better than fb…but this sounds like a great way to connect and advertise at the same time.

    • Cindy Roth says:

      Actually, I would do both FaceBook and a blog. There is a way to set up your blog- at least with WordPress – that when you post to your blog, it goes automatically to FB. Many times I have posted to FB and included the link to my blog.

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