Wonky Borders – Part 2

Last week I posted about new pages that I added to the Longarm University website about wonky / bad borders.

On these pages I showed how I fixed the borders, yes I took the borders off a quilt, re-measured them, trimmed them and then re-stitched the borders back in place.  I asked for comments and questions about this – and I got more than a few!

I have posted these comments, and more, on the Longarm U website. Here is a list of the Wonky Borders pages and their links.

To view –

One Way to Fix Wonky Borders Click Here 

My Thoughts on Wonky / Bad Borders Click Here 

Wonky Borders Comments Click Here 

I welcome all thoughts, comments and questions.

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One Response to Wonky Borders – Part 2

  1. Regarding borders … I have seen many wonky borders … I put every quilt I receive on my design wall … this is an extra step but the way it hangs tells me a lot about the construction and, as the customer is present, I can point any issues out before they leave the quilt with me.

    My practice is to give the customer a receipt with the price for my services, in writing, before they leave their quilt with me … this covers everything from quilt design and thread color to target date for completion. If I see a issue of border problems (or any other), it is discussed with the customer at that time. If I do see issues I give the customer a price for me to repair or suggest that they take the quilt home and repair (have written instructions for them) I have never had anyone say “quilt it as it is” … If that did happen, I would refuse the quilt as I do not want a quilt with issues having my name on it … the loss of one quilt is not worth the lose of future business due to a reputation of poor workmanship..

    I never, never change the price or do repairs without getting a e-mail or verbal approval from the customer … It is their quilt … I feel they should ok any change that are made. I have made many of these calls and they are always meet with a grateful response, 99% approval of the additional work and cost.

    Just my 2 cents.


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