A Quilters Dilemma

I recently received this email from a blog subscriber and she asked my opinion of what I would do. I responded and also suggested that I post this to the blog. She agreed, and here is an edited version of her email

I have been at this quilting for over 5 years and I have had my share of disastrous quilts.  My question is:  Is it more important to keep a quilt square around the edges or to build in the puffiness that is created from piecing, possible pulling an on point quilt, or maybe pulling the borders too tight with an on point quilt?

I am very conscientious with the customer who is a meticulous piecer, it is easy to spot problems and I try my best to keep the quilt square, straight, and work as hard as they worked to in their piecing.  But, when you get a quilt that has strings hanging all over, not ironed that well, and is definitely not square, borders are a mess, what do you do?

 Question #1 – Is there a reasonable amount of time that should be spent on making the quilt the best as possible? 

 Question #2 – Should we throw out any idea of square along the edges, is flat more important? 

 Question #3 – Does the customer really appreciate the time used to make her quilt wonderful?

 I do try to trim loose threads and iron any major creases; I have an iron station that is set up to handle un-ironed backings, so I do take on piecing and ironing imperfections, charging of course for the process.  Many of my friends do not feel this process is necessary, but I find that it makes my job easier – I find a lot of piecing mistakes during this process and it gives me a clue if the quilt is going to have issues.

 This has been my dilemma for years, I have recently been basting my quilts completely, before starting the quilting process. This does help give me some idea of what I am actually tackling or fussing with such as creases, puckers, extra fabric, or the notorious wavy, wobbly, puffy border.

Stephanie P.

Now it is your turn – what would you do, or what do you do in this type of situation? I know that this is an issue that we all struggle with and I would really like to know what you think. I will post my response to Stephanie  in a little bit.