Custom Quilting-a Definition

I am in the beginning stages of writing a blog post about custom quilting and I have been thinking of the words “custom quilting.”

The words “custom quilting” has a HUGE scope to it! What one person considers custom quilting, may be someone else’s “regular quilting.”

My question to you is – In your business or in your quilting life, what do you consider to be “custom quilting?”

I am hoping that there will be several / many answers and responses and that we can come up with a definition of the term custom quilting.

You can post your answers and responses in the Comments below or send me an email at or

I am looking forward to your thoughts.

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Mother of 3, Grandmother of 10 and quilting forever!

7 Responses to Custom Quilting-a Definition

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  2. Allen Penn says:

    Cindy – I am fairly new to the business, having purchased my Longarm in October of last year, but here are my thoughts for what they are worth.

    I consider “custom quilting” anything more involved then edge to edge panto. When you have to take time to analyze a quilt top to determine what pattern to put in each area of the quilt top that is “custom” to me. I have done custom work and it invariably takes more time than panto. A one line definition might be that “Custom quilting combines the uniqueness of the quilt top, the unique desires of the customer and the creativeness of the quilter to produce a quilt that is a piece of art, not merely a useful cover”.

    Allen Penn

    Pathfinder Designs Quilting (PDQ)

    1260 E. Headley

    Springfield, MO 65803


  3. palmadavis says:

    Anytime I have to stand back and really think “how do I fill this space?” If I use a simple panto I don’t charge custom. I rarely do stitch in the ditch (it’s the same as ruler or template work in my eyes). So most of my work is custom.

  4. Lyn Heilman says:

    I call custom quilting anything with different
    Quilting designs in different areas of the quilt

  5. Janice Moseley McLaren says:

    I consider custom to be anything other than a pantograph design.

  6. DORIS A GOINS says:

    Custom quilting is when design motifs are placed within areas of the quilt such as pieced or applique blocks, alternate plain blocks, sashings and borders rather than placing an edge to edge pattern over the entire design.

  7. Georgia Evans says:

    Custom would be anything other than edge to edge. Then depending on design it wpuld be lite, medium, heavy, or heirloom and or quilted to death

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