Pricing Survey Results

I want to thank everyone who participated in the Pricing Survey I posted a few weeks ago. It was fun looking at all the results and then compiling them so YOU can read them.

There is a little too much information in the responses to post directly on this blog. I made a pdf file of the responses for each quilt. Just click on the highlighted text and the pdf file should open. If you want, feel free to save the results on your own computer.

Feel free to comment on the results either by leaving a comment below or sending me an email at

Quilt #1 – Scraps & Chevrons, 55 x 55 inches
3,025 square inches, 21.0 square feet, 2.35 square yards
To view the survey results for Quilt #1 Quilt 1 Results

Quilt #2 – Winter Night, 61 x 76 inches
4,636 square inches, 32.20 square feet, 3.60 square yards
To view the survey results for Quilt #2 Quilt 2 Results

Quilt #3 – Christmas Diamonds, 56 x 64 inches
3,584 square inches, 24.9 square feet, 2.77 square yards
To view the survey results for Quilt #3 Quilt 3 Results

Quilt #4 – Double 9 Patch, 60 x 78 inches
4,680 square inches, 32.5 square feet, 3.61 square yards
To view the survey results for Quilt #4 Quilt 4 Results

I welcome your comments, thoughts or anything else about these quilts and the responses to the survey. Leave your comments below or send me an email at



About Cindy Roth
Mother of 3, Grandmother of 10 and quilting forever!

4 Responses to Pricing Survey Results

  1. Karyn says:

    I’m fascinated by the difference in pricing and in how each quilt was approached regarding design and method. We are most certainly all fantastic artists – and as businesspeople we might have some more learning to do. I know I do! I am curious if there is a geographic difference in pricing, also curious if there is a difference in pricing due to being FT in the business, PT or “just for fun”.
    I look forward to more comments and to more insights from Cindy, our Guru!

  2. marlies57 says:

    This is a nice job, well done! I live in the Netherlands, I have to count wit euro’s and cm. But is read about de diffrent ways of quilting.

    Kind regards,

    Marlies de Kwaasteniet

  3. cathiegiambalvo says:

    Cindy, Thank-you for these results, very interesting. I appreciate your investigation. : ) Cathie One Stitch at a Time


  4. Gord MacSwain says:

    I’m an 86 year old long arm quilter who, besides doing my wife’s quilts, does all the ‘Victoria Quilters’ output completely free of charge. If you’re not familiar, they do quilts for cancer patients and are a group, in this town, of about 20 gals. I use the same pattern and the same thread on all. I completed quilt number 556 this morning. I do a few quilts for others and accept donations from them to buy thread and any other things to keep my operation going. For that reason I passed on filling out your survey. I’ve read the results with interest and am amazed at the large variance in prices. Cheers. High River, AB

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